A coin.

Travel Tip :

Well, have you ever came from work or some long trip and noticed that your digital clocks showing the wrong time?
You might think: “Certainly there was no power outage!”. Even if it was, you simply cannot know how long there was no electricity, right?
There is possibility that it was for several days, leading to defrost food and its deterioration. Once the electricity comes back, foods freeze again and you almost do not notice that they were thawed.
It is fact that this can be really dangerous as certain types of foods are at risk of spreading salmonella and other bacteria!
Below we are going to present you a way to find out if and how long your freezer was without electricity!
Now you can find out if you can consume the food or it was too long being in warm.
For this you need:
 a cup
 coin
 water
First pour water into a cup and place it in the freezer. When the water in the cup is frozen, put a coin on top of the frozen water in the cup and then return it to the freezer.
After returning home from holiday, before taking out the food from the freezer, look at where the coin is!
If the coin is still at the top or in the middle of the cup, there was no power failure or power outage was for a short time, so the water was only partly melted.
If the coin is at the bottom of a cup, it means that electricity failure was for a long time, so the water completely dissolved, and the coin sinks all the way to the bottom of the cup. At that point, it is advisable not to consume the foods from the freezer.
Brilliant trick which is supereasy to use. This is particularly useful when you go on longer trips!


Minyak enjin.

*_Minyak enjin tak selamanye jernih.._*
*_Begitu juga takdirku.._*
*_Ekzos tak memanjang cun bunyinye.._*
*_begitu juga ucapanku.._*
*_Air filter tak selalunye putih.._*
*_begitu juga hatiku…_*
*_Gearbox tak selalunye lancar…_*
*_begitu juga hidupku.._*
*_Rantai tak selalunye lurus_*
*_begitu juga langkahku.._*
*_Jika Maaf itu boleh diungkap hari ini.._*
*_Takyah tunggu raya tiba?_*
*_Sedangkan nafas pun kita tak tau bila akan berhenti…_*
*_Jadi sy nak minta maaf atas sebarang kesalahan, kekhilafan_* *_maupun perbuatan yg sengaja & tidak sengaja.._*
*_yg barangkali mengecilkan hati orang.._*
*_.. Sebelum ramadhan pergi_*
*_.. Sebelum aidil fitri datang_*
*_.. Sebelum ekzos patah_*
*_.. Sebelum valve bengkok_*
*_.. Sebelum plug cap pecah_*
*_.. Sebelum nat spocket tercabut_*
*_.. Sebelum bateri kong_*
*_.. Sebelum coil terbakar_*
*_.. Sebelum bearing terbarai_*

*_Sy mohon maaf atas semua kesalahan…_*
*_selamat menikmati hari2 terakhir Ramadhan & Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri.. Maaf Zahir & Batin.._*